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        Starry Chemical

        Lube Oil Additive

        Odorless gear oil package, Antioxidant, Extreme pressure additive, Antiwear additive, Rust Inhibitor. Widely used in gear oil, engine oil, industrial lubricant, greases.

        Brake Fluid & Antifreeze

        Distributor of DOW's Premium Brake Fluid, special for lubricant manufacturer re blend; High purity BTG(DOW), Inorganic/Organic/Semi-Organic antifreeze package.

        Metalworking fluid additive

        Starry Chemical is China's largest metalworking fluid additive supplier, servicing more than 500 customers with excellent additive and technical support.

        Toll manufacturing of MWF & Specialty Lube

        We provide tailor-made solutions for metalworking fluid. What you need to prepare is just brands and label.

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